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Don’t Be Left Gasping for Air

Take a deep breath. You just inhaled about 8 liters of air, enough to supply your body with oxygen for 2 whole minutes. Breathing is one of the most important functions we perform to keep our body not only happy and healthy – butĀ alive. After each breath, oxygen travels through our lungs where it’s released into the bloodstream, nourishing our organs and tissues. The quality of the air around us impacts how well we sleep, work and, ultimately, live. Every time we feed our body air that is polluted or unclean, we invalidate a lot of the good we do, such as eating healthy and exercising. When we fry food, the oils release fumes that make breathing a more difficult task. Going to the gym can be equally damaging to your lungs, as dust and sweat particles like to make their way into our throats and scratch at the fragile tissue until it’s all red and inflamed. As you get in your car or hop on the bus in the morning, you can’t help but turn your nose at the strong smell of gasoline and exhaust pipes. Just imagine the amount of sheer stress our lungs go through every day just to supply us with oxygen. We no longer have the luxury of living among tall trees and green meadows where the air is always crisp and fresh. Our environments have drastically changed, which means that our lungs have had to adapt to the new circumstances. And don’t even get me started on trying to breathe when you’ve got a cold or when you’re ill. The back of your throat gets itchy and painful and your nostrils feel as if they’re filled with cement. Worry not, there is a way to ensure you’re only taking in the right kind of air.


Humidifiers serve as a sort of superhero machine for those of us who have trouble breathing. Whether you’re sick often or live in a highly polluted area; driving a car to work every day or are burdened with allergies, a humidifier can make it easier for your lungs to function at their maximum capacity. Humidifiers work by releasing a very fine mist of water into the air around you in order to make it less dry. Ever wondered why your skin gets dehydrated in the wintertime? Or why your throat starts hurting as soon as it gets cold outside? It’s because our bodies are not accustomed to dry air. Higher humidity can reverse irritation and dryness, allowing air and oxygen to glide more smoothly into our delicate airways. Climatastic.com is a website which further explores the effect our surroundings can have on our health and wellbeing. Think about it: would you expect a seed to thrive in a type of soil that is unfit to nurture it? Humans can’t really flourish either if we constantly bombard our bodies with unnecessary stressors. Do your lungs a favour and check out the best humidifier for allergies by Climatastic!