What to consider when buying Bluetooth earbuds

Bluetooth earbuds changed the way we listen to music. The need to untangle the cord before we even begin to use the earbuds has disappeared and was replaced with the simplicity of Bluetooth technology. They are much more convenient and allows us to listen to any audio even if our phone is buried somewhere deep […]

Air It Out

Don’t Be Left Gasping for Air Take a deep breath. You just inhaled about 8 liters of air, enough to supply your body with oxygen for 2 whole minutes. Breathing is one of the most important functions we perform to keep our body not only happy and healthy – but alive. After each breath, oxygen travels […]

How good are Kipling Pencil Cases

Pencil cases are a great product for when you want to keep your items such as pens or pencil sets, or even make-up brushes organised. They are great for keeping your expensive stationery and beauty products in a safe space, making sure they look like new and can’t get damaged. But pencil cases are more […]

Applets, Plug-ins & PDF files

If your Web site uses applets, plug-ins, or PDF files, you should provide equivalent text that is accessible to a ‘screen reader.’ A screen reader is a device that allows people with specific disabilities (blindness, for example) to be able to hear Web pages spoken out to them rather than being displayed on the screen. […]

Web Accessibility Design Guidelines

It’s a sad fact that a lot of information on the Web is not directly accessible by people with disabilities. Why? Because most Web site managers and developers are ignorant of the needs of those people with disabilities who cannot use the Web in the standard way. Here are some examples of common accessibility web […]

Web Accessibility Facts

Consider these accessibility facts: The 1996 Chartbook on Disability in the United States estimates that “19.4% of non-institutionalized civilians in the United States, totalling 48.9 million people, have a disability. Almost half of these people (an estimated 24.1 million people) can be considered to have a severe disability.” Source: LaPlante, 1995 “Approximately eight percent of […]

Usability Heuristic Evaluation

A ‘heuristic’ is a general guideline or conclusion that aids in an investigaton or analysis of something. A heuristic evaluation in usability, therefore, is when a group of usability experts evaluate your site’s usability against a list of accepted guidelines and commonly accepted principles. If you don’t have the resources to hire usability experts, you […]

Common Usability Problems

The majority of Web sites have usability problems, which can result in confusing users, and ultimately, loss of revenue. The next few sections highlight some of the problems that users can encounter on a site with usability problems, which ultimately lead to confusion and lost revenue: User Has Difficulty in Finding What They Are Looking […]

Web Site Usability Testing on a Budget

One of the biggest myths about usability testing is that it costs thousands of dollars a day to run the most basic of tests. Sure, many high-profile engineers will charge you over $10,000 a day, but if you want to conduct a test yourself, you could easily do it for around $250. All you need […]