Applets, Plug-ins & PDF files

If your Web site uses applets, plug-ins, or PDF files, you should provide equivalent text that is accessible to a ‘screen reader.’ A screen reader is a device that allows people with specific disabilities (blindness, for example) to be able to hear Web pages spoken out to them rather than being displayed on the screen. […]

Define Your Web Site Objectives

To build a great Web site, you must define its objectives. Only then can you define and prioritize the usability aspects of your site to meet your intended users’ needs. Let’s take a few this site’s objectives and usability solutions as an example: Site Objective: 95% of Web pages must theoretically download in two seconds […]

Usability Toolkit

Aside from the classic usability tests, you can call upon quite a number of usability tools to test your site’s usability. Of course, you don’t have to use every single one. Here are 24 usability tools. Affinity Diagrams Affinity diagramming is a categorization method where users sort various concepts into categories. This method is used […]

Know Your Users

To build a great Web site, you must understand the needs of your users. You could use market research and focus groups or even conduct surveys to understand your users better. This fact-finding step should be completed before any site development or coding is done. To get a better understanding of your site users, you […]

Web Accessibility Tips

In this chapter you will discover how to create a more accessible Web site for users with disabilities by improving your Web site’s accessibility. Webster’s definition of ‘accessibility’ is: accessibility: The quality of being accessible, or of admitting approach; receptibility. Accessibility is an important factor as good accessibility means more people will be able to […]

How to Conduct Your Own Usability Tests

Usability testing does not have to involve a lot of resources and expenses. You can conduct your own usability tests with minimal effort. Here are 7 rules to conducting usability tests. Try the Test Yourself Set a time limit for each testing session. Use a stopwatch to keep track of the time. Then complete the […]


Easy-to-use Web sites don’t create themselves over-night. To create a great Web site, you must focus on its potential users from the very beginning, and checking at each step of the development with its intended users to be sure they will like and be comfortable with the final design. A successful Web site begins with […]