Update FAQ Page

Make sure you update your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page regularly with popular questions that your users ask, and the answers that you give.

You should include every single reasonable question submitted by a user. By updating your FAQ regularly, you will cut down the number of questions you receive from users and improve your site's usability.

You should also include an online form and email address on the FAQ page for users to send you questions that are not in the FAQ. You may link to your normal online form, if you prefer.

Making Up Questions
If you have a new site and don't have any user submitted questions, simply make up some questions. It is perfectly acceptable!

You may also find that some questions keep arising again and again in usability testing sessions. Use those too!

Follow these basic rules when making up questions:

  • Make up questions that your users are likely to ask. Yes, this will require some thought!;
  • Make the questions sound as natural as possible. Type the question as though someone is asking you the questions in person; and
  • Don't make up questions and answers that simply repeat information displayed clearly in prominent parts of your site.

I have seen many Web sites do an awful job with their FAQ page. They make up questions and answers that are virtually useless. They simply repeat the same information that is available elsewhere in their site. What a waste of time!