One Web Site Fits All

When you create or improve your Web site, every department (Advertising, Content Department, Marketing, Product Development, Sales, and Web site Development) should be consulted on what they want to have in it.

If you asked each department what the company's Web site should look like, they would each come back with a totally different design.

Web site designers like designs that are pleasing to the eye, so they will suggest an attractive looking design.

The advertising department would suggest a site that offers as much prime advertising space as possible for them to sell.

The Web site developers would design a Web site with cool looking features and tools. Unfortunately, cool features on the net usually come at a price of increased download time, or higher development costs.

You can see why you have to make sure the final design decisions are a co-operative effort only amongst your:

  1. Usability Advisor/Expert (Most important);
  2. Chief Web Designer;
  3. Director of Marketing; and
  4. Director of Product Development, and/or Content Editor.

Out of that list, the Usability Advisor should have the final decision on any design disagreements. After all, if a site is not user-friendly, nothing else on the site will matter, as your visitors will get frustrated and leave.

Try to keep the company Chairman, CEO, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), President, Sales Manager, and everybody else out of the final design decision process.

Many Web sites make the mistake of implementing a design function because the CEO or COO wanted it in the site. That can be a HUGE mistake! Don't ever let that happen to your site! If you are a CEO or COO, please try to let your site designers do their job without your influence. You'll thank me later.

Of course, senior management are required. For example, the CEO will probably give the final approval for the site to go live. The CTO will make sure the server and software can handle the anticipated surge of traffic.

But who is eventually going to be viewing the Web site? Your customers or your CEO? Who will be spending the most amount of money with your company? Never forget to design for your most potent audience.