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Bluetooth earbuds changed the way we listen to music. The need to untangle the cord before we even begin to use the earbuds has disappeared and was replaced with the simplicity of Bluetooth technology. They are much more convenient and allows us to listen to any audio even if our phone is buried somewhere deep inside our pocket. They used to have lower audio quality than the wired earbuds but this isn’t really the case with the latest models. Also, there is no danger of the wire getting damaged which would often render wired earbuds unusable. Bluetooth earbuds are a more reliable way of listening to music whenever you are outside, whether you’re just running errands or exercising. Their only downside is that they need to be charged from time to time.

With all that said, how do you go about buying a pair of Bluetooth earbuds? Well, there are some key factors that need to be considered.

Battery time

This factor determines how long your earbuds will run once fully charged. For someone who only uses earbuds once in a while, this isn’t that important. However, if you listen to music or podcasts while sweating away at the gym every day or during long treks and hiking trips, you will want earbuds that can last that long. Battery life on Bluetooth earbuds can range anywhere from three hours to even twenty hours.


The range of Bluetooth earbuds tells you how far the earbuds and the device they’re connected to, such as your smartphone, can be away from each other while still maintaining a good connection. Most guarantee to have a coverage of a few meters. All Bluetooth earbuds will work perfectly fine while your phone is in your pocket or the backpack. The range factor is important if you want to use your earbuds while moving freely around your house when cleaning or cooking and so on. Consider what you’re going to be using your earbuds for and decide for yourself whether a large range is something you need.


You probably have a set budget for your earbuds and don’t want to go over a certain amount of money. You will be happy to find out that due to their popularity, Bluetooth earbuds can now be bought for a reasonable price. Here you can check out the best bluetooth earbuds under 50. You might need to sacrifice some advanced features but all of them will do a fine job and provide you with a better-than-average audio quality.

Additional features

The more advanced the earbuds are, the more features they come with. One of the nicer features to have is a microphone. A microphone, no matter how small, will allow you to pick up someone’s call without having to reach for your phone. Other features to look out for are button controls – you will be able to change the volume or the track easily. Also, it would be good if your new earbuds came together with a tailored protective case to prevent any damage to the delicate device.